Soil Sensor

Our soil sensor is an advanced technological device designed to accurately measure and monitor soil conditions. It provides essential information about key parameters such as moisture level, temperature, and nutrient content in the soil.

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Soil Sensor

Soil temperature sensor

Adopting the new generation FDR measurement method internationally, it can achieve an accuracy of less than 3%.

Soil PH

High accuracy, fast measurement speed, and can achieve an accuracy of ± 0.3PH, increasing stability.

Soil conductivity

The electromagnetic non-contact measurement method ensures that the product does not drift over time.

Soil moisture sensor

Accurate measurement of imported chips, IP68 protection, waterproof and dustproof, supporting wireless remote viewing,

Soil NPK sensor

Soil fertility testing provides a good environment for crop production, and can be measured by inserting instruments into the soil.

Plug and test

Easy to operate, no need to wait for time, insert into the soil for 5 seconds to display values stably

Why Choose Us

Soil sensors are widely used in various fields such as meteorology, environment, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, electricity, scientific research, etc.

Scheme design

Create a full professional/full cycle design plan for engineering, ensuring the accuracy, professionalism, comprehensiveness, and rationality of the plan.

R&D and production

We have a team of 100 software and hardware developers, a complete project process supervision system, and excellent product customization capabilities.

Intelligent control

IoT sensing technology enables continuous and accurate monitoring and installation of plant, soil, and climate data.

Complete categories

The free combination of soil moisture detection products enables smart agriculture and remote online agricultural services to respond in real-time to plant needs.

Product Center

Soil testing, soil moisture, soil ec

The soil EC detector is mainly used to measure the salt content in soil, with accurate measurement, high sensitivity, salt alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. It can be widely used in agriculture, greenhouse and other scenarios.
The Intelligent Soil Tester - Tubular Intelligent Soil Detector is a new type of intelligent agricultural soil detector designed based on the principle of TDR non-contact measurement, featuring intelligent detection, convenient installation, and accurate measurement.
This sudden detector adopts FDR frequency domain reflection method for measurement, with built-in parameter compensation function, improving measurement accuracy, accelerating measurement speed, and improving measurement efficiency.
Soil parameter rapid measuring instrument, plug and play, on-site query, rich human-machine interface, multiple recording methods available, super large storage, backlight and power saving, supporting online data upload.
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Soil integrated sensor

Questions & Answers

The soil sensor supports multi in one parameter monitoring with high accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, and integrated integration. It can remotely view soil monitoring data through a computer phone in the cloud.

Soil sensors are widely used and can measure various parameters in soil, including soil moisture, soil temperature, soil humidity, soil pH value, soil EC value, soil salinity, and other indicators.

Reasonably manage the growth environment of crops through indicators to achieve high yield, time saving, and scientific management.

Integrate internationally leading information technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile internet, and cloud computing with traditional industries to build a platform that integrates environmental awareness, production optimization, and intelligent/standardized production services.


From soil monitoring sensors to instruments and meters to the ecosystem, create a real Industrial internet of things ecosystem.